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Our hemming service includes both shortening and lengthening articles of clothing made of a variety of materials. 

  • dress pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, coats

  • jeans (we can use either a regular hem or keep the existing hem.

  • pants with slits

  • sweat pants, yoga pants

  • pant legs with zippers

  • leather motorcycle pants

  • snow pants

We ask that you please ensure that you bring whatever footwear you would normally be wearing with that particular item of clothing in order to ensure the correct length.

Are you in a rush? We can usually hem pants within a one-hour timeframe, for a small additional fee.

Taking Measurments


Clothes don't fit right? No problem - we can alter the garmet to make it fit just right!

  • Let out and take in pant waist

  • Let out or take in skirts and dresses

  • Adjust shoulders

  • Taper pant legs

Why throw out, give away or permanently store perfectly good clothing in your closet just because it doesn't fit right? At Make It Fit Alterations, we do just that so that you can have use out of clothing you already own!




Do you need alterations done to a graduation dress, a bridesmaid dress or any other kind of formal dress or outfit?

  • take in and let out

  • shorten

  • restyle

  • change zippers 

No matter what needs doing, we can do it... men and women's formal wear will be altered to fit properly and make you look great!



Do you have a garment that needs to be repaired? Ripped jeans, broken zippers... We can help!

  • replace sliders

  • replace zippers on pants, skirts and dresses

  • we can fix or patch anything - from jackets to jeans, we will fix them!

  • replace buttons and snaps (including metal buttons on jeans)

  • restitch any open areas on any cloth.

For small fixes, we can even repair your item while you wait, usually in about 15 to 30 minutes!



Whether your alteration needs include a business suit, or a military, school, work or other uniform, let us work our magic for the best looking fit! 

Men's and Women's Suits

  • Take in and let out

  • Shorten and lengthening sleeves

  • Hemming


  • Sewing on patches 

  • Take in and let out

  • Shorten and lengthening sleeves

  • Hemming

No matter what kind of tailoring needs you have, we’ll deliver quick and professional results.


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