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We offer high quality work on restyling, remodeling, altering waistlines, hemlines and general repairs. From the basics of taking ups, downs, ins and outs, we are also very popular for alterations on suits, shirts, dresses, school uniforms, military uniforms, work wear, jean alterations and repair work.


There is a big difference between a seamstress who can simply perform an alteration for you and an experienced, skilled and professionally trained tailor who can guide you on how a garment should fit your body.

Fast & Professional Service

Custom Alterations

Wear your outfits with confidence. Who can deny the allure and appeal of someone well dressed in a perfectly tailored outfit? When fitted by Make It Fit Alterations, your clothing will make heads turn. My Custom Alterations services are just what you need to show the world the essence of your personal style.


We only employ professionals who specialize in a wide variety of services, from hemming pants to altering dress. 
From small jobs like hemming to large jobs like drapery alterations, our staff will ensure a perfect fit every time.Whether letting out and taking in waist, thigh, hips, or shortening and lengthening sleeves, you can feel confident in the final result. We will also repair all kinds of garments and parts such as zippers, buttons, pants and skirts, jeans... you name it, we will fix it!

I promise that you’ll look and feel amazing when you walk out the door.

Middle Aged Woman

I had my graduation dress hemmed there. 
Super friendly staff, the lady who did my dress was very professional and got this done in a timely manner.
Great work, quick, professional and reasonable price.
I would highly recommend this place.

Natasha M

Measuring Fabrics


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At Make It Fit Alterations in Kelowna, our professionally trained staff is ready to help. Contact us today for all your garment alteration and custom needs!

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